I take lots of pictures and sometimes I talk about them…

Day 74: Serenity*, Day 75: Sleeping Bird*, Day 76: Lego Geek & Day 77: Techie Vaper

I’m really making it harder for myself to keep up with my 365 project by uploading it to 4 different places and blogging about it. So from now on, I’ll just upload them and say a few words.

I’ve been busy/lazy/exhausted lately. Every weekend, it’s my responsibility to take my son to his swimming class on Friday after work, take him to his prep class on Saturday, and then take both kids to soccer on Sunday. I barely have time to breathe. I’m not complaining and I love that I have this wonderful role as their father. It’s just that my body doesn’t hold that much energy to keep up with my kids, work and then the extra curricular activities. From now on, I’ll do my best to just keep up with the project. I’ll rather prioritize that than give up the project because I can’t blog about it.


Day 73: Network

If the people are the brain of the firm, this is the beating heart. Our IT department makes sure this works without skipping a beat. If it does, we’re in for a long day.

Day 71: Daisy & Lotso* & Day 72: Little Nerd

I surprised my daughter a few days ago when I came home with a Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear from Toy Story 3. She was so happy and she hasn’t let him go since. Daisy, Losto’s owner in Toy Story 3, lost her Losto bear and replaced him with another one. Lotso was so upset that he became convinced toy owners don’t really love their toys as long as they have a new toy to take their place. Sad to say, but Lotso was right. My daughter is just like Daisy. She’s so in love with her Lotso bear but when Ninja Turtles is on the TV, she transforms into Donatello… sans Lotso. Haha.

My son can spend hours YouTubing all the cartoons he likes. When he goes silent for a long time, I already know where he is and what he’s doing. It’s either he’s pooping or he’s in front of his laptop. When he’s on his laptop, the whole world is tuned out. He’s in heaven as long as he has his favorite chips and a bottle of water, sitting in front his laptop with his tablet close by.

Day 68: Boredom*, Day 69: Real Forts & Day 70: Immature

In our tiny two bedroom apartment, there isn’t really a place for me to hide and read some eBooks. I don’t mind watching shows while my kids run around, making noise, or jumping on top of me. But when I want to do some reading, I need my peace and quiet.

During the day, this space belongs to my kids. The top part, which is also their beds, and the bottom part is their imaginary underground fortress. When they’re drinking their chocolate milk, watching TV, or sleeping, it’s my little hideout.

Last weekend, I had to assemble six total furnitures from Ikea. Two reversible beds, two computer desks, and two storage slash table tops for their toys. It was like carrying over 500 pounds worth of boxes from the self-service checkout at Ikea, off the cart and into the car, from the car and up to our apartment, and then assembling all of them with hardly any breaks. My right hand is so sore from all the wrenching, screw-driving and allen-keying. My entire body is still on fire! I don’t bruise easily but my arms are still bruised.

But to see my kids’ faces light up when it was all done, it was so worth it. So worth it.

In this picture, they’re watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Lord help me but I’ve ran out of ideas. I was so bored, tired and out of my mind that when the thought “moon shiners” crossed my mind, a different image came up. To make it all worse, the idea that spawned from that mental image became a reality.

No, I’m serious. I thought “moon shiners” and this is what happened next.

Today, I was reading up and researching about thermal compounds –which is the best, how to apply them, etc. I’m thinking about repasting my CPU and GPU (that’s geek talk for changing the thermal paste for my computer’s two main chips to help it cool down while under load). One of the advice I read was to use alcohol, the higher percentage the better, to remove the old paste before putting on the new paste. That way it dries quickly and it won’t corrode the die or other parts near it. One of the forum goers posted the words “ethanol” and “moon shiners” somewhere in the thread I was reading… aaaaaaaaaaand that’s what lead to this photo-of-the-day. Hahaha. Hey, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Anyway, what you see here is my immaturity, obviously. I live on the second floor of our building and my window faces the courtyard. This is where people come and go (since the side entrance to the building is right there). Some relax on the benches like they would at a park, while a few sit there at night to have smoke cigarettes. I don’t know who was out there but when I pulled up the blinds, I’m pretty sure if there was anyone there, they would have been drawn to the big window that suddenly turned bright. And if they looked up to see what happened next, well let’s just say they saw the full moon they won’t soon forget. I had to censor out my reflection because it pretty much showed everything. Hahahaha.

I don’t really have anything more to say about this picture. It’s pretty much self-explanatory.

By the way, I know what moon shiners were because of my interest in classic American cars. My imagination just took off with word play, that’s all.

Day 65: Seaweed Diet*, Day 66: Affixed* & Day 67: Random Collection

This is Elenielle after she snacks on dried seaweed. Because the sheets of dried seaweed tend to flake, and she has no self-control when she eats them, it gets all over her face. I was eating dinner when she waltz into the kitchen with this face. I thought she got a hold of makeup or eyeliner or something and put dots all over her face. It was only after I looked closer that I realized she was eating dried seaweed and brushing her hair out of her face. Though she successfully brushed her hair out of her face, it was only in exchange for dried seaweed.

When she sits in front of the TV, it’s serious business. She was watching Toy Story 3 for the millionth time. I hope this concentration leads will be used to some kind of advantage when she grows up (read: not TV).

My kids have a pretty impressive collection of anything they see on YouTube. They have most of the Toy Story toys, Winnie The Pooh, Sesame Street, Thomas and Friends, Angry Birds, etc. This pile you see here is the corner of the living room and this isn’t even half of the plush toys (only the plush toys). My mother-in-law used to arrange them in rows on a shelf, which she would put away at night long after the kids are asleep. It was a good idea, and it was working out, until the kids’ collection first outsized the shelves and then overworked my mother-in-law. Now they’re “stored” in a heap, in a corner. I can’t say this isn’t a bad idea. Makes it easier for me when I have to clean up. :)

I have very good reasons for being backed up with my 365 project. The first night I missed it was because my wife and I decided to go out for a dinner-and-a-movie date. We had a proper dinner at Sushi Family in Little Neck and then headed to the theaters to watch Red 2. Dinner was good, movie was not. The following day, which I was supposed to do a make up of the day before and the photo of that day, I came home tired and only had enough energy to take Evan to his swimming class. Once I came home, I asked Evan if he wanted to take a nap and he said he was sleepy. I gave him some hot chocolate and it was a wrap. We both didn’t wake up until the next morning. We probably each had about 13 hours of… nap. Today, full of energy from the nap, I spent my day running, taking Evan to a prep class and then taking turns with Esther watching the kids while I also watched House of Cards on my tablet. As soon as I finished up season 1, it was panic time because it was already 10pm and I had three pictures to take. Unfortunately, I took the easy way out. I used Elle (again) and I took advantage of her silliness.

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